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- Would you like to eat something, Bob?

- Yes, I'm hungry as a hunter. I gulped only an egg and a cup of coffee this morning.

- How about having a snack in the roadside restaurant over there? It's famous for an excellent cuisine and cheap rates. 

- Listen, Harry: I feel so hungry that I wouldn't choose. Come on!

Dialog 2

- What shall we have for dinner?

- Choose yourself, please.

- Ok. We'll have some salad, clear soup, pork chops and coffee.

- I'd like to add a piece of cake if you don't mind.

Dialog 3

- What do you usually have for breakfast?

- I never want any breakfast. Just a cup of tea and a piece of toast. And you?

- I don't eat much either. Just some corn-flakes, an egg, and coffee, and toast with jam and butter. 

- Oh, I'd call it a huge breakfast! Looking at you one wouldn't say you eat so much.

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